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MJ ARSENAL - Titan Mini Rig

Your new miniature sized daily driver has arrived! The ‘Titan’ by MJ Arsenal mini dab rig packed with some serious functionality. It features a ball style percolator which naturally throws water around when pulled on. The water then stacks up to a “Klein” style drain, delivering smooth and effortless hits every time.

If saving terpenes is your main goal when dabbing, but you still want the diffusion from a larger piece, this is the rig for you. Sporting a 10mm joint with a built in reclaim catcher to keep your rig cleaner for longer; all small rigs equal more flavour due to the lack of air space from a large rig. The Titan is the ideal rig for someone who wants lots of diffusion from their dab rig, but also enjoys a bit of rumble from their rig during a dab. 

Comes in a foam padded cardboard box for protection, along with a 10mm quartz banger for instant use. 

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