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CAPTAIN HOOK Full Size Natty Buoy to Natty Musket

An original double percolator design from New York based glass artist Captain Hook Glass Art; the natty buoy to natty musket is a heavy hitting bong with a 44mm diameter. Natty meaning a ‘natural’ percolator, is when a piece has no added percolator to the stem; meaning there’s essentially a big hole for the first level of percolation, this makes for a very chuggy or choppy feeling hit. The smoke then goes to the ‘buoy’ percolator. The buoy is a short vertical barrel percolator with a single maria (lip in the glass) above the grids, which are covering the front 180° of the barrel. The barrel also is supported by 3 small supports which act as extremely fast clearing holes. The ‘natty musket’ is the next and final percolator in the piece. The musket is an elongated dome percolator with 5 gridded angled slits around the spherical dome portion of the perc. The smoke travels through the gridded slits and then up and around a maria (lip in the glass), similar to the buoy perc, but with more space between the grids and the maria.

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